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Lubiam for the social
and culture

Lubiam is always aiming for quality and excellence, but not only for the product. The focus on human resources and the love for art complete the profile of a company not only efficient but also with a soul.

Lubiam Family Friendly

Winner of the Family-Work Prize in 2009, Lubiam established itself as an ethical and family-friendly company by improving both its production levels and the working environment of its employees. Many company policies have been implemented, including the introduction of flexible hours and part-time (38% of its employees), as well as the Ida and Edgardo Bianchi nursery that opened up in 2010.
“We truly believe in family values” states Edgardo Bianchi, Lubiam CEO, “this is why we want to give our employees substantial support in their everyday lives. We believe in solidarity and we hope to be an example to other firms similar to ours.”

Lubiam and Art

In the Lubiam DNA there has always been a strong bond with the Region and historic city of Mantova and a love for art and culture.
A bond that has resulted in various corporate activities, such as the restructuring of the Domenican complex of Susano, the restoration of the 52 statues at the Basilica delle Grazie, the purchase of the famous seventeenth century painting “The ousting of the unworthy guest” and the works of Ferruccio Bolognesi, which are on display at the Lubiam Headquarters.
Not least, the historic Lubiam Prize (1972-1982), a competition among Italian and European academies of Fine Arts which reached the stature of a really significant event in Europe.
A period which has seen the participation of illustrious artists of success, such as Aligi Sassu, Josip Generalic, Hans Hartung, Graham Sutherland, Renato Guttuso.
In the year of its centenary, the Company has chosen to pay homage to the Prize with the exhibition “A Misura d’Arte”, bringing a selection of works in its original location, Palazzo Te.
In 2012 Lubiam started collaborating with the Venice Guggenheim Museum. During “Mantova Creativa” , initiatives such as “Connessioni” and “Abito!e partecipo” involved the participation of more than 1200 students from Mantuan schools.