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Over the next few days, Lubiam will return to Florence to present the collections of its brands, and will do so, as tradition dictates, on the Lower Floor of the Central Pavilion, but in a completely revolutionised space, designed not only to make the most of the garments on display but also to welcome and amaze visitors. In addition to the Lubiam stand, which will include the main brands LBM1911 and Luigi Bianchi, at this edition there will be a special pop-up dedicated to Gabriele Pasini.

THE NEW COLLECTIONS - The new LBM1911 autumn-winter collection recalls, in its colour and style choices, the mysterious atmosphere of the adventures of the Gentleman of Ventura Corto Maltese, with a palette that harmoniously encompasses ocean blue, bewitching dusty whites, light greys as cold as fog, and natural tones reminiscent of the golden sand desert. Meticulously knitted jackets tell stories through their intricate weaves. Single-breasted shawl jackets convey a sense of adventure and freedom. The knitwear is like a hug, extremely warm and 'chunky', heavy in substance but incredibly soft and supple to the touch, perfect for comfort and safety in every situation.

In the fall-winter 2024 Luigi Bianchi Sartoria collection, however, one can read references to the mood of the iconic Peaky Blinders series. The new proposals, with their daring and sophisticated spirit, combine classic tailoring with the contemporary, with a touch of mystery and sophistication. The garments in this collection have great personality and are often characterised by patterns, also declined in macro motifs that in turn create a fascinating and impactful texture. Exclusive fabrics, developed specifically for the brand, make each piece unique and unrepeatable. Very fine wools, silk, linen, cashmere, camel and alpaca have been skilfully blended to offer maximum comfort through the direct perception of luxury. The colours are inspired by nature, with shades such as milk white, beige, camel, brown, forest green, rust; blue, light blue, and plum complete the palette. The choice of fabrics is, as always, a fundamental element: the use of precious and unique materials is intended to guarantee an extraordinary feeling of softness and comfort. The fibres used are carefully chosen and particular attention is paid to the origin of the yarns, in full respect of eco-sustainability.

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