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A "tailor-made" project to select and develop talents to grow in the company

Lubiam is looking for talent to join and grow within the company. The Mantua-based company, founded in 1911, is today an internationally recognised model of Made in Italy excellence and stands out for its expertise in the creation of men's tailoring. In order to continue to guarantee the high quality standards of its work, it is essential for the company to invest in the future and in particular in key figures such as those involved in sewing, which represents not only an absolutely crucial step in the creation of a garment, but an art, to be safeguarded and promoted. In order to effectively identify and hire them, Lubiam has chosen to act in a targeted manner, undertaking a process that not only guarantees the identification of the best candidates but also allows them to have all the tools they need to express their talent to the full, creating a real work experience tailored to them, and transferring experience, professionalism and the culture of Made in Italy.

Lubiam Academy is an Employer Branding and highly professional training project which will involve a group of 8 selected candidates over the next few weeks (for a duration of 120 hours, starting from 14 March). Following the training course, they will be able to be placed in the company in the role of sewing operators, effectively becoming part of the "Lubiam Family".

In the implementation process, emphasis will be placed on candidate experience throughout the entire process. This modus operandi is perfectly in line with Lubiam's corporate philosophy, which has always paid special attention to its resources and placed people 'at the centre', by setting up training courses in the company and promoting welfare policies aimed at reconciling family and work (from the presence of an in-house nursery to the high number of part-time contracts).

The project will proactively involve part of the company's internal population and in particular its historical figures, who will act as trainers for new recruits. A crucial issue, that of handing down rare and precious sartorial skills, in order to guarantee an optimal generational transition.

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