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Brace yourselves – the iconic Lubiam team is levelling up, now joined by a new, prestigious player. Welcome Gabriele Pasini, one of the most innovative and eclectic figures in men's fashion, whose collaboration with Lubiam is sure to launch the brand into a whole new era of growth and development.

Pasini has officially selected the Mantuan company, which for 110 years has been synonymous with the Made in Italy sartorial excellence in high-end menswear, as its exclusive partner. Together, they will produce and distribute the Gabriele Pasini collections both in Italy and around the world, beginning with the Spring Summer 2022 season.

The project is a collaboration between Gabriele Pasini and Giovanni Bianchi, Lubiam Creative Director, as they fuse their talents to generate collections that reflect their shared values. From their unparalleled passion, to ethics, to unmatched attention to detail, Pasini and Bianchi bring it all together with an ardent desire to respect and enhance tradition and craftsmanship. All, of course, with a keen eye and drive towards pushing the needle forward in experimentation.

<<I believe that Lubiam is a perfect partner because it is an absolute excellence in the sector” gushes Pasini. “their centenary sartorial tradition is not only capable of guaranteeing the absolute quality and meticulousness that I expect in every detail, but also meets my expectations and vision completely.”

Lubiam’s Giovanni Bianchi is equally enthusiastic about what is to come, adding that “this partnership does not end with a simple license agreement. It is part of a plan that the company has been undertaking for some time with an outlook on transformation and evolution. This strategic collaboration not only will allow us to further enrich our know-how, but it will require us to measure ourselves in relation to the new world of the Pasini brand.” Additionally, Bianchi adds that “the choice to dive into this exciting joint venture originates from the strong will not to let ourselves be stopped or discouraged by the difficulties of the historical moment that the sector is going through. Indeed, in this climate, it is essential to adopt a positive and proactive attitude, continuing to innovate, renew, and strengthen the competitive advantage we already have on the market. We can’t help but be thrilled for what is to come>>.

The new Spring Summer 2022 collection is the result of a powerful synergy between two players who, despite being established and recognized internationally, have chosen to adopt a dynamic and flexible approach and, above all, to create something unique.

For further information about the brand and the Gabriele Pasini collections:

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