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The spring summer season has opened for Lubiam in the best way possible: after an exciting start of the S/S23 sales campaign, which is recording extraordinary results, Lubiam had the pleasure of presenting its Made In Mantua Luigi Bianchi Cerimonia and Luigi Bianchi collections Flirt at Bridal Fashion Week 2022, held from 20 to 24 April in Barcelona.

The event, for years an authoritative landmark for specialists in the bridal sector, recorded a copious turnout; there were many current and potential customers (not only Italians but above all Europeans) who visited the space dedicated to Luigi Bianchi during the four days of the fair, as well as specialized magazines who also carried out interviews with CEO Giovanni Bianchi. The goal that the company had set itself was largely achieved, thanks to the consolidation of existing partnerships and the creation of new strategic contacts. In line with this positive trend, the performance of the Luigi Bianchi Cerimonia and Luigi Bianchi Flirt lines, as evidenced by recent sales figures. According to forecasts, in terms of turnover, the pre-covid results will be far exceeded.

<< For Luigi Bianchi Flirt we expect to close the sales campaign (which will go on in the coming months) at +30% >> says the CEO << While the Luigi Bianchi Cerimonia collection will probably reach + 40% overall compared to pre -covid times. We can say we are definitely satisfied >>

Overall, the basket of orders from individual customers is increasingly substantial and an increase of 50% has been recorded in the purchase of items dedicated to one's most important day or in any case to special occasions.

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