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Luigi Bianchi Cerimonia

brand philosophy

The man who wears Lubiam Cerimonia wants to wear a suit designed especially for him. He has to feel elegant, but above all comfortable.

The Lubiam Cerimonia Collection, in line with the company philosophy, includes high quality fabrics with tailoring details, alongside with the updated slim fit profiles and the search for proportions. The collection is exclusively "Made in Italy". Special cuts and detailing with refined accessories give the models a unique appeal. The offer is extensive and provides many solutions available for all consumers, for the guests as well as the groom, with suits for formal and other important occasions. The offer is complemented by accessories, designed to create a perfect "total look" image.

S/S 2022


The new Spring Summer collection a hymn to life, to joie de vivre. A ‘new’ Spring’. Fun, amusement, but also perfection and symmetry go hand in hand in a sort of emotional tour that leads to harmony. The new propositions aim to rediscover re-connection with Nature and renewed contact with its elements, exploring the concept of ‘garden’ as a physical place, but also as a place for the soul, a corner of paradise, where we can all feel free and leave our worries behind.

The different outfits have two souls that converse and complete each other reciprocally. The first is reflected in a more precise, elegant attitude, typical of the Italian garden , recognisable for its geometric form and the accentuated decorative component. The second current is a more romantic, playful spirit where the free, spontaneous component of Nature is exalted: the English garden.
These two trends blend in the collection. In the same look you will find fabrics and geometric designs and daring floral patterns inspired by the wonders of Nature.
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