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Corporate philosophy and core values

LUBIAM is one of the few Italian companies which is still run by the family of its founder, Luigi Bianchi, who in 1911 set up Primaria Sartoria Luigi Bianchi - menswear and women’s dresses and suits.
Thanks to his enthusiasm and passion for the craft of tailoring, Luigi Bianchi soon succeeded in starting up a successful menswear firm, carrying the hallmark of excellence and “Made in Italy”, internationally-recognised. The company is now growing and developing under the lead of the family’s fourth generation – Giuliano’s sons, Edgardo Jr, Giovanni and Gabriele and their cousin, Andrea Benedini. The year 2011 saw Lubiam’s Centenary. Constantly committed to research, innovation and continuous experimenting, Lubiam has marked its 100th anniversary with success, establishing itself in Italy and the world as a company that continually reinvents itself and its high quality products, without forgetting its own history and tradition.

Made in Italy

Lubiam collections arise from the principles of tradition and innovation, which characterize every aspect of our corporate philosophy.
The valuable know-how gained from a hundred years of experience is combined with continuing creative experimentation and the pursuit of excellence: the high quality level of the garments is reflected in the selection of the fabrics. The corporate brands embody all the principles of classic tailoring while satisfying contemporary taste.

Made in Mantova

Unlike other companies that have chosen to outsource all production, Lubiam has kept the original production site, which has enriched over the years with machinery more and more advanced along with the experience and the expertise of highly qualified people.
At the main factory in Viale Fiume we assist to the entire manufacturing process, from the beginning to the end. Here the inspirations and the ideas are trasformed into the product, which is subject to constant, careful quality control. The detailing and artisan procedures, optimized and developed at an industrial level, include a complex series of steps which result in a perfectly tailored garment.