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9380 09509/2

Ripstop nylon ripstop down jacket, padded with ecological feather. Waterproof rubber hinges and internal straps that allow you to wear the garment as if it were a backpack

9396 09506/2

Bomber jacket in suede

7453 05211/1

Double-breasted herringbone coat in bouclé wool jersey, with martingale and central vent

7487 07035/2

Double-breasted maxi-herringbone coat in wool and silk

7487 07036/4

Coat in pure wool Shetland mélange cloth, with a rough look. Double-breasted model with an important peaked lapel.

2863 02058/3

Maxi check jacket in pure Shetland mélange wool

2844 05140/1

Technical nylon blazer. Extra comfort, anti-fold and quick-drying, it is complete with a protective envelope with a mesh lining and washing machine instructions.

2815 05142/1

Herringbone jacket in mélange cotton, cashmere effect

2837 05148/3

Jacket in 500-stripe cotton corduroy, garment dyed. Extra soft, cashmere touch

2857 05150/6

Jacket in 500-stripe cotton corduroy, garment dyed. Extra soft, cashmere hand

2879 05187/2

Garment-dyed, knop-yarn wool jacket with wide lapels

2887 05194/8

Super light wool jacket knit-effect, garment-dyed

2865 05213/1

Super lightweight madras jacket in bouclé wool jersey

2819 05215/1

Prince of Wales blazer in wool bouclé jersey

3863 03031/3

Prince of Wales suit, knop-yarn wool. Slim fit model, pants with one pleat

1480 05113/1

Maxi houndstooth vest in bouclé wool jersey

1485 05164/9

Vest with pockets in cotton velvet, garment dyed

1421 05177/8

Vest in 500-stripe cotton corduroy, cashmere touch and garment dyed, with metal buttons

8165 03054/1

Carrot pants in pure virgin wool

8155 05162/1

Cargo pants in stretch cotton

9373 05127/1

Military-inspired peacoat in wool jersey cloth with metal buttons

9397 09508/1

Leather jacket with sheepskin inside

7454 05212/1

Trench coat in jersey wool cloth

7489 07036/2

Chesterfield coat in pure wool Shetland mélange, mottled effect

7488 07037/1

Trench coat with a check design on a houndstooth base in pure mélange wool, Shetland effect

2819 05136/5

Jacquard blazer in mélange wool, knit crochet effect, extra light

2869 05141/1

British-inspired windowpane jacket in pure cotton, slim fit

2845 05144/1

Double-breasted jacket belonging to Travel Sport Uniform capsule. Technical nylon jersey, super stretch, anti-fold and quick-drying.

2808 05149/9

Military-inspired jacket with 4 pockets in 500-stripe cotton corduroy. Garment-dyed cotton, metal buttons.

2854 05182/4

Total black jacket in smooth cotton velvet, garment dyed, cashmere hand

2888 05189/4

Herringbone jacket in wool and double-twisted cotton, garment overdyed

2853 05203/1

Jacket with peaked lapel, British pattern in wool and double-twisted cotton, garment washed

2817 05214/1

Double checked jacket in bouclé wool jersey

3890 03029/1

Suit in stretch virgin wool, subtle madras pattern

1464 02058/2

Madras double-breasted vest in pure wool with metal buttons

1476 05146/1

Double-breasted amaranth vest in wool

1427 05175/4

Double-breasted vest in cotton corduroy, cashmere touch and garment dyed

8154 03053/5

British houndstooth pants, carrot model in pure virgin wool

8448 04308/5

One pleat pants, slim fit model in stretch cotton

8152 05165/4

Carrot pants in stretch cotton

8416 05156/2

Regular fit pants in stretch cotton

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