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Lubiam 1911 Cerimonia




S/S 2021

From East to West: the perfect balance between distant inspiration and Italian tradition

The new Lubiam Cerimonia 2021 collection is wide, sophisticated and highly innovative: the global situation has not stopped the brand from giving to 2021 grooms the new collection they deserve.
Suits and jackets present motifs and printed inspired to the ancient orient traditions. Jacquard textures create a movement effect also from a tactile point of view. The silver element gives to the most audacious pieces a luxurious sparkle, while microeffects, faux-unis and geometric microweaves reveal themselves only at a closer look.

The campaign location – Lubiam Cerimonia celebrates the beauty and richness of Mantova, where the company has always been based, by shooting in the very heart of the city, at Palazzo Te, the Gonzaga residence, the most world-famous work by architect Giulio Romano. Its wonderful frescoed chambers and its architectonical structure make it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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