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Updated: May 12, 2022

The 2021 begins for Lubiam with brilliant news, which rewards the solid and long-lasting entrepreneurial history and constant commitment of the Mantuan company.

The Ministry for Economic Development has included Lubiam in the Special Register of historical brands of national interest, recognizing the historical significance and excellence of a company that has never stopped producing value from the beginning of the twentieth century to nowdays and has become a point of reference of the Made in Italy. Among the fundamental requirements for obtaining the title of Historical Trademark, the continuity of the use of the registered trademark for at least 50 years and the link with the territory stand out, characteristics that the historical reality of Mantua embodies extensively.

Founded in 1911 by Luigi Bianchi in Mantua, where the headquarters and production site are still located, the company soon developed both in size and in variety of offerings. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founder soon involved the whole family, creating a working model inspired by the Fordist one, but strongly linked to the cult of beauty, a characteristic that makes elegance the distinctive trait of Lubiam production, still led today by the 4th generation of Bianchi family.

The enrollment in the Special Register crowns the 110 years of history that the Mantuan creative forge has gone through with commitment and dedication and highlights not only the tireless passion that the founder managed to pass on to subsequent generations, but also the desire to maintain close contact with the territory, enhancing the Italian spirit and tradition.

Lubiam has distinguished itself over time for its meticulous attention to detail and for its timeless style but, keeping up with the advent of new technologies, it has been able to seize the new opportunities offered by digital and in 2021 it launched its first e-commerce, dedicated to the LBM1911 brand. The choice has ensured that the values ​​of uniqueness and sartorial refinement are maintained in an even more advanced and smart version.

The recognition as a Historical Trademark by the MISE represents an important milestone for Lubiam and one more reason to look to the future with positivity and optimism.

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